White AlloyGator Rim Protection

There’s a full range of 9 colours, but we fitted a set of white AlloyGator protectors to the alloy wheels on this great looking white Vauxhall Corsa, ready for a trip to the Vauxhall Performance show.

White AlloyGators On Black Corsa Wheels


As you can see, the owner chose the white AlloyGator to co-ordinate with the colour of the car bodywork, although that’s not always the case. We have lots of customers who like a subtle look, and choose silver or black, which can hardly be noticed without closer inspection. Then on the other hand, we have some customers who prefer a stark contrast to the bodywork of the vehicle, like a red AlloyGator on a black car which also looks really good too (in our opinion anyway).

With the wheels on this Corsa already being black, and a close colour to the tyre, the white AlloyGator helps to accentuate the wheel, and even makes it look a little larger than when they weren’t fitted.

So as well as the protection you get for your alloy wheel from the award winning AlloyGators, you can add a whole new look to your vehicle, whether it’s a car, van or motorhome, because the AlloyGator rim protector can fit almost any wheel up to 21 inches in diameter.

In addition to the white AlloyGator we fitted in this example, the other colours available are subtle black or silver, or striking red, yellow, blue, green, orange and pink. the choice is yours.

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