Titanium AlloyGator 

A new colour has been added to the range of AlloyGator wheel rim protectors – It’s the Titanium AlloyGator bringing the full colour options available to 16.

One amazing new colour AlloyGator added to their collection is the Titanium AlloyGator, a subtle and stylish way to protect your wheels. The Titanium colour fits into our subtle colour range. This colour now brings AlloyGators full colour palette to 16! 

Titanium AlloyGators
Aston Martin Fitted With Titanium AlloyGators

Why Choose Titanium AlloyGators

The Titanium AlloyGator colour sits between the silver and black, being a more subtle colour, and matches well with some of the grey colours found on vehicles such as Audi, or makes a less prominent contrast to a silver or black wheel, than some of the other more striking colours in the range.

AlloyGator is an award winning product for protecting alloy wheels from minor scuffs, scratches and kerb damage, and the full range of colours are now black, silver, white, red, blue, orange, yellow, pink, green and of course the new Titanium AlloyGator.

Skoda Koraq Titanium AlloyGators
Skoda Karoq Fitted With Titanium AlloyGators
Audi A4 Titanium AlloyGators
Audi A4 Titanium AlloyGators

But the development isn’t stopping here, as further products and colours are likely to be on their way, including larger sizes for wheels of 22″ and above, and new colour(s) which could include purple! – Watch this space.

If you’d like to know any more information, or to purchase a set of AlloyGators to either fit yourself or have them professionally fitted by us ay our Car Care Centre, just call us on 01743 466100

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