Red Alloy Gators

The owner of this Citroen DS3 is a driving instructor, and was really pleased with the arrival of his new car. Everything was shiny & beautiful, including his alloy wheels. But, he knew that without a little alloy wheel rim protection they wouldn’t stay like that for long.

Because some of his pupils made the occasional mistake whilst parking, maneuvering or driving, the wheels on his new motor would end up getting scraped on the kerb, damaging the wheel rims, and spoiling the looks of the car. This is when he looked at fitting Red Alloy Gators.

Although he could have purchased a set of red Alloy Gators and fitted them himself, he decided to have them professionally fitted at the Ace Car Care centre in Shrewsbury, where they were fitted whilst he waited in under a couple of hours.

There were 9 Alloy Gator colours available for him to choose from, ranging from subtle to striking, but he decided to go for red to compliment the colour of his DS3, and give an even more ‘sporty’ look to the car, which he knew his students would love.

Red Alloy Gators On Citroen DS3We think his car looks great with the Red Alloy Gators fitted, and he can carry out his instruction secure in the knowledge that his alloy wheels are protected from those minor knocks and scuffs.

If you would like your wheel rims protected, call us on 01743 466100 to find out more.