Purple AlloyGators

One of AlloyGators most recent colours add to their 16 colour palette is Purple.

This purple falls in to their standout category and we’ve had only amazing feedback from our customers so far that have had purple AlloyGators fitted. Depending on what colour paintwork your vehicle is, or the colour of your alloy wheels, purple might just be the next choice you consider when getting AlloyGators fitted to your vehicle.

Purple AlloyGators VW Polo Wheel
VW Polo Fitted With Purple AlloyGators

This particular alloy wheel was refurbished & painted in a custom colour from the team here at Ace. With a sparkle effect known as ‘Gun metal flake’ finished on the alloys, making them unique. 

Before having the wheels refurbished the owner previously had black AlloyGators fitted to the wheels which had done their job superbly. He had decided to refurbish his alloys from pre-existing damage before the AlloyGators were fitted and to add his personal touch to his vehicle.

Speaking with our paintwork technicans he decided to go for a Purple on his alloy wheel colour choice. Once decided on the colour choice for his wheels, we showed him the latest purple AlloyGator colour and to see how would it match up. If we don’t say so ourselves, what a perfect match!

Why Choose Purple AlloyGators

If you’re umm’ing & arr’ing about which AlloyGators to go for but want something that is going to definitely stand out on the roads, Purple might just be the one for you.

This colour would suit a lot of dark painted cars like blue, black or grey. The purple as a subtle but stylish ‘pop’ to the paintwork. If you don’t want something that’s going to be too showoff-ish for your dark coloured vehicle, but it is going to be subtle, then purple AlloyGators might be right for you.

For those vehicles with bright colours including white, yellow & green, purple AlloyGators are a guaranteed way to add contrast to your cars aesthetic. If you’re aim is to make your car 1-of-a-kind then AlloyGators are perfect for you. They can be removed at any point, it won’t void warranty or cost you anything when returning from lease/PCP, it will just provide you long lasting protection!

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