Orange AlloyGators

If you’re looking to make your vehicle standout whilst protecting your expensive alloy wheels, then look no further. Orange AlloyGators are one of our most popular AlloyGator colours that truly make your car or van standout from the rest!

The orange themselves look amazing on a wide range of makes & models, with many car owners saying how well it’s transformed how they feel about their car now with them fitted.

We’ve fitted a wide range of orange AlloyGators to many different vehicle types, including hatchbacks, estates, vans & campers. Providing immediate and effective protection for the owners as soon as they drive away.

Ford Fiesta Orange AlloyGator
Ford Fiesta Fitted With Orange AlloyGators

Why Choose Orange AlloyGators

A lot of people go for orange as they want there vehcile to stand out from the rest on the road!

With a wide range of AlloyGator colours in stock, the majority want to go for something that will draw attention to their car, make their wheels look bigger, whilst matching any colour themes they have going on.

Like the rest of our ‘standout colours’, we love the orange AlloyGators as it adds such a contrast to the vehicle. Regardless of whether you’ve got silver or black alloy wheels, orange AlloyGators are an incredible choice you should consider.

Orange AlloyGator Photos

  • Here’s our professional AlloyGator technican Jason fitting orange AlloyGators to this VW Transporter. The owner wanted to match the colour of his after market orange alloy wheels. The owner was well impressed with how well the AlloyGators go with the front face of the alloy wheel.
Jason Fitting Orange AlloyGators
Professional Technician Installing Orange AlloyGators @ Ace Car Care
  • Below is Mollie, the proud owner of her new Vauxhall Adam. In the past the owner had felt the damage, both to her car & purse, from damaging her alloy wheels. Reading up on AlloyGators and the level of protection they provide, she decided to protect her new wheels & make them stand out!
Customer With Orange AlloyGators
Mollie’s New Vauxhall Adam Fitted With Orange AlloyGators
Orange AlloyGators Vauxhall Adam
Closer Look At Orange AlloyGators
  • And now our personal favourite, the VW Transporter fitted with orange AlloyGators – looking fantastic with the orange paintwork! This is one we were so excited to get in and install as the orange looked so similiar. 
VW Transporter Orange AlloyGators
VW Transporter Fitted With Orange AlloyGators

As you’ve seen, that’s just a handful of the orange AlloyGators we’ve fitted. To see more AlloyGator updates make sure you’ve liked our Facebook page here:

We’re able to fit AlloyGators from 13inch alloy wheels, right the way up to 22inch wheels. Providing extremely effective protection to your alloy wheels, whilst adding style & looks and enhancing your alloy wheels.

If you’re interested in getting orange AlloyGators installed to your vehicle or would like to find out costs, download our FREE eGuide here:

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