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Read the latest news from the Ace Team on keeping your alloy wheels in tip top condition.

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Jason Fitting Orange AlloyGators

Orange AlloyGators

Orange AlloyGators If you're looking to make your vehicle standout whilst protecting your expensive alloy wheels, then look no further. Orange AlloyGators are one of our most popular AlloyGator colours that

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Purple AlloyGators VW Polo Wheel

Purple AlloyGators

Purple AlloyGators One of AlloyGators most recent colours add to their 16 colour palette is Purple. This purple falls in to their standout category and we've had only amazing feedback from our

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Titanium AlloyGators

Titanium AlloyGator

Titanium AlloyGator  A new colour has been added to the range of AlloyGator wheel rim protectors - It's the Titanium AlloyGator bringing the full colour options available to 16. One amazing new

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Black AlloyGator Wheel Looks


AlloyGator Looks Great On Alloy Wheels If you want your alloy wheels to really stand out, a great quick and cost effective way is to fit our AlloyGator rim protectors. Not only

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AlloyGator Alloy Wheel Rim Protection We're now the local dealer and installer for this great new product called AlloyGator. If you've not come across them before, they are tough plastic rings that

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