AlloyGator Alloy Wheel Rim Protection

We’re now the local dealer and installer for this great new product called AlloyGator.

If you’ve not come across them before, they are tough plastic rings that fit to the outside of your wheels (between the wheel & tyre) which protect the soft alloy and paint finish if you have one of those little battles with a kerb!

They come in a range of colours depending on whether you are after a discrete subtle look (black or silver are hardly noticable) or a ‘stand out from the crowd’ appearance for your wheel & tyre package

They are available to fit wheels up to 22inch diameter, and you can fit them yourself, although we would recommend professional fitting by ourselves (we couldn’t fit them to our own vehicle until we were properly trained & given the right tools!). But if you do fancy having a go yourself, there are full instructions and even a video.

Prices are £60 all inclusive for a set on supply only, and start from £107 all inclusive for wheel sizes up to 18″ if we fit them for you.

We carry stocks of pretty much every colour, and fitting normally takes just over an hour, and you can book yours by calling 01743 466100.

[text_bar_1 background=”#444444″ + width=”100%”]Get your AlloyGators fitted today by calling us on 01743 466100[/text_bar_1]