Blue Alloy Gator Protection

Here we have the blue AlloyGators, one of our favourite colours to fit to a vehicle, installed on this Vauxhall Corsa VXR.

The Blue AlloyGator is great if you’d like to give your alloy wheels a fresh look, while also protecting either your painted wheels or diamond turned alloys.

Blue AlloyGators go well with either the colour of your car or a colour theme you have on your vehicle. They look great on the move, and if you like to customise your vehicle, you’ll get lots of admiring glances at a car show. Or just while you park in the street, you just cant miss the great look.

Blue AlloyGators Fitted To A Vauxhall Corsa VXR

Vauxhall Corsa VXR Blue AlloyGators

The owner of this Corsa VXR had debated what colour would be best for their blue paintwork. Whether to go plain and subtle or try and find the closest colour to match.

After showing them our colour wheel of all the AlloyGator colours available in the flesh, the owners saw the blue AlloyGator and said that’s the one!

Normally the AlloyGator fitting only takes between 1-2 hours, but as we had the vehicle with us all week for other paintwork, styling & tuning services, we got some amazing photos.

Blue AlloyGators Corsa VXR

When the owner came to collect his transformed Corsa VXR, he was lost for words. He couldn’t believe how close the colour match was of the blue AlloyGators to the paintwork and now felt confident to drive it on the roads.

More Blue AlloyGator Photos

  • Here’s a VW Golf alloy wheel fitted with blue AlloyGators. As you can see the wheel itself is diamond turned, or machine polished as others refer to it. 

    Blue AlloyGators VW Diamond Turned Wheel
    VW Golf With Blue AlloyGators


  • The next one we have a Ford Transit van fitted with blue AlloyGators that closely resemble the paintwork. The owner had only recently bought this van and wanted to keep the expensive alloy wheels in great shape. The best way to do that? AlloyGators!

    Blue AlloyGators On Ford Transit Alloys
    Blue AlloyGators On Ford Transit Alloys

These wheel rim protectors are award winning, and in our experience are by far the best protection you can find for your alloys, they with stand small rim scuffs, deep scuffs, and almost any type of kerb damage.

If you would like to know more about AlloyGators and the other colour in our range, feel free to pop in to our Ace Car Care Centre or call one of the team on 01743 466100.

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